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5 місяців назад Послуги Київ 59 преглядів

10.00 грн.

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Місцезнаходження: Київ
Ціна: 10грн.00

UAB "COSCRETE" was registered in 2007. The main activities are research and assessment of occupational risks, accredited laboratory services, fire safety, civil security, environmental protection, training, engineering services. Our mission is to increase the level of safety and health at the enterprises providing professional high-quality consulting services taking into account needs and expectations of our clients.Our vision is an active and reliable international consulting company based on its highly skilled personnel, with considerable experience, client The main activities of ZAO KOSKRETE are: training, labor protection and labor protection (labor protection), labor law, fire safety, electrical safety, civil security,

We invite you to register by calling: +37061637777 on the website: www.dsa.ltna info@cos.ltWhen registering on the site, we will contact you.